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Engagement & Customer Experience

Driving Repeat Business

  • Outcomes

20% decrease in customer churn.

  • Industry

Insurance; World’s 2nd largest insurer, B2B & B2B2C

  • Problems

    Inconsistency in premium renewal. High customer churn after 3 years of sales.

  • Tools

Terragni Effort Assessment framework to assess physical, time & cognitive effort

Learn About Effort Assessment Framework

Driving Digital Adoption

  • Outcomes

7 % reduction in cost of serve.

Enhanced digital adoption.

Improved in NPS.

  • Industry

Banking; India’s Top 3  Banks, B2C.

  • Problem 

Broken customer journey because of customer dissatisfaction with digital touchpoints.

Weak adoption of digital touchpoints.

High cost of service at physical touchpoints.

  • Tools 

Terragni sludge audit framework to access physical, time & cognitive effort

Learn About Sludge Audit Framework

Process blueprinting for process & touchpoint redesign

UX redesign to eliminate friction

Driving NPS

  • Outcomes

Elimination of cognitive biases in NPS design.

Drop in NPS score by 20 points.

Focus on 91% passives as a source of enhanced engagement and revenue.

  • Industry 

Financial service; among the top 7 financial services companies, B2C & B2B2C.

  • Problem 

Mismatch between measured NPS & that of direct business outcomes like churn, retention and repeat purchase. A high NPS was reported while the business metrics did not show a consequent positive impact.

Driving Communication Effectiveness - Communication Redesign

  • Outcomes

The communication mode and messages were redesigned using the principle of behaviour science and segregated into prevention category (pain avoidance) & promotion (pleasure-seeking communication).

  • Industry 

Insurance; World’s 2nd largest insurer, B2C.

  • Problem 

The cost of omnichannel communication is high, especially if the communication does not result in higher engagement and revenue.

  • Tools 

Communication touchpoint audit

Neuroscience research

Visit Neuro Customer Experience


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