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Driving Higher Velocity Of Customer Acquisition

  • Outcomes

The experiential segments defined the differential journey that the brand had to offer. The experiential segmentation thus provided context; relevance and salience to the entire offering and the pitch communication, both of which were redesigned. This resulted in bringing down the acquisition cycle to 12 months instead of the earlier 18 months.

  • Industry 

Engineering manufacturing; in the top 2 energy generation business, B2B.

  • Problem 

Capital intensive equipment shows an 18-month customer acquisition cycle. This leads to delayed revenues and slower growth.

  • Tools 

Terragni experience assessment

Experiential segmentation

Terragni experience grid

Positioning Design

  • Outcomes

In-depth multiple mode research using quantitative, qualitative and neuroscience were used to look for brand alignment and brand salience.

Different versions of TV campaigns were tested on diverse demographic groups.

A final positioning was defined for the product with reference to the target customer base with an appropriate marketing campaign and communication designed & launched.

  • Industry 

Pharmaceuticals & OTC drugs; Forbes global 2000 organizations, B2C.

  • Problem 

Launch of a new over the counter oral supplement against established larger competitors.

  • Tools 

Neuroscience based research.

Learn more about Neuroscience

Driving Sales Of Laggard Products

  • Outcomes

Redesign of the reward program for the dealer network.

Enhanced engagement beyond the blockbuster product.

15% increase in Laggard products.


  • Industry

Agro & crop chemicals; one of the worlds largest Agro-chemical manufacturing, B2B2C.

  • Problem

Due to the presence of one blockbuster product, the other products in the range were being neglected.

  • Tools

Neuroscience based research Effort Assessment  platform


Take A Look At Qualitative research


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