Master Class

Neuro CX

Think about it, why would you wish to build a CX strategy with standard market insight methodologies and techniques? Understanding a customer’s experience needs, wants and desires is not the same as market research or market survey or VOC insights. Gaining a deep understanding of a customer’s desired experience is the starting point of a robust CX strategy.
These two days will tell you how to achieve that!
Enhance your CX strategy with neuro-powered insights!

An Insightful knowledge masterclass that will transform the way you look at your customer experience strategy.

Is your brand looking for new ways to attract customers and increase their engagement?
Customers will not accurately articulate or express their needs or desires, you need to get to the root of these insights and also learn how to use these powerful insights to drive behavioral change and/or differentiated CX.
Learn the nuances of a successful experience strategy that is rooted in how consumers think, feel and behave.

neuro cx

Our custom-designed knowledge masterclass keeps the practitioner in mind and leaves participants with structured knowledge about:

  • The human emotional and behavioral responses to good and bad experiences.
  • Methodologies on how to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

It successfully combines our decades-long expertise in customer experience and neuroscience, to deliver practical know-how and industry-tailored insights and case studies that meet your organization’s needs. We ensure that participants walk away with a clear understanding of key CX concepts, with know-how about how consumers behave and think, and learn what drives them, what type of experiences they desire and why and how this can be implemented within your business.

The neuro CX masterclass and the learnings are customized to focus on challenges that are unique to your organization. Our Team will reach out to you prior to the masterclass, to design the appropriate customized case study.

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behavioural science

Behavioural Science

Bringing together decades worth of behavior shifts and emotion insights for business outcomes ranging from new product launch, creating new markets, reducing acquisition costs, sustaining employee behavioral shifts.

Our custom-designed behaviors for business masterclass keeps the decision maker in mind and leaves participants with structured know-how on:

  • The human emotional and behavioral responses to choices and decisions
  • Methodologies on how to deliver behaviour shifts that deliver sustained business results.

It successfully combines our expertise in behaviour sciences and engagement, to deliver practical know-how , industry-tailored insights and case studies that meet your organization’s needs.

Leaders will take-away high degree of clarity on biases, motivators and drivers of behaviour, understanding of key concepts of the importance of habits to create sustainable change. Leaders will be equipped with actionable know-how about how customers and employees behave, think and make choices, and how this can be implemented within their business.