At Terragni we work with robust frameworks rooted in good science, relevance, and applicability.

The frameworks that we deploy are in conjunction with our Insight methodologies on the one hand and our Tools on the other.

Combined with our extensive neuro and behaviour insights practice, these frameworks allow us to define precise behavioural interventions to solve your specific business problems.

At the core of our frameworks are two prime movers. Frameworks to determine friction and frameworks to enhance motivation.

The frameworks that we deploy are from diverse areas such as:

  • Behaviour Science
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Human Decision Sciences

The choice of the framework that we deploy is driven by the problem that we are solving and the implementation road map that our client organizations wish to adopt.

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Sludge Audit

Despite the best intentions, organizations create a lot of sludge for their customers and their employees.

The Result?

Disengaged customers, disengaged employees and lots of ₹₹₹ stuck in the sludge

Our Sludge Audits assess processes, technology, documentation in a comprehensive and end-to-end manner to help you isolate Sludge and define a cost-benefit analysis of removing it vs. living with it

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sludge audit2