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trunorth From Promoters to Buyers

Ever wondered why the high VoC scores for your brand are not translating into higher organic sales?

Current approaches to getting insights into customers’ propensity to

recommend / re-purchase are rife with bias.

They lack context and they lack specific actionability towards driving organic sales.

trunorth addresses these challenges and delivers

  • Unbiased propensity to recommend
  • Engagement friction that prevents recommendations
  • Contextual Insights into drivers of friction
  • Implementable actionable plans that drive organic sales

See how trunorth helped India’s leading Financial Services firm drive higher organic sales.

Take A Look At Driving NPS

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Experience Assessment

Understand what are the key value drivers for customers?

Are there differential value drivers?

What is the experience you deliver?

Why is it perceived in this manner?

What customer attitudes & behaviour is it resulting in?

Which touchpoints are experience-enhancing/detracting?

What strength areas to leverage?

What are the gaps?

What to prioritize for action focus?


Terragni Experience Grid

The grid plots customer experience drivers on two dimensions:
The relative impact of an experienced driver on overall customer attitude and behavior, customer perception of the brand’s performance on that experienced driver.

It gives brands a strategic framework within which to debate and evolve an action-direction for each experience driver in their customers’ journey with them.


Experience Design

Are your processes designed for delivering memorable customer experiences? Do all those involved in creating and delivering this experience know how they are impacting the customer’s decision to do business? Use our Experience Design expertise to understand your services from the customer’s perspective. Use empathy and understanding to design and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

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experience assessment

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a great way to visually depict the steps your customer goes through while engaging with your company. A customer journey map also gives the company an understanding of which are those touchpoints that enhance the experience and which are the ones that detract from the experience and thus the customer engagement.

A Good Customer Journey Map looks at

  • Actions:What is the customer doing at each stage of the journey? What actions are they taking to move themselves to the next stage?
  • Thoughts:What are the uncertainties, the jargon, the issues preventing the customer to move to the next stage?
  • Emotions:Why is the customer motivated to keep going to the next stage? What emotions are they feeling? Why do they care?
  • Barriers:What barriers stand in the way of moving to the next stage?


At Terragni, we have our own unique take on customer journey maps. We believe that these journey maps lose their validity if they are not based on the experiential contexts of the customers. Therefore, we ensure all our customer journey maps are mapped not on “personas” but on actual experiential segments. This unique methodology has been perfected by us over the last 5 years and many hundreds of customer journey maps.

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Effort Assessment

Research has consistently shown that customers detest putting in any extra “effort” towards the desired outcome.

They love organizations that make life easier for them.

Increasing customer ease results in tangible business gains.

Our unique neuroscience-based, effort assessment framework measures the effort a customer puts in across the dimensions of time, physical and cognitive efforts and brings out associated emotions.

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Market Responsiveness Index MRI™

A strong customer-obsessed culture is the single most important driver of future business performance.

The MRI™ is a web-based employee assessment tool that measures the level of customer-obsessed behaviors (culture) an organization directs toward engaging their customers.

The MRI™ is easy to administer, simple and intuitive to complete and extremely effective in delivering understandable, detailed and actionable findings for leaders seeking to drive business performance in their companies.

The MRI™ measures 8 disciplines of a customer-obsessed culture,  5 externally oriented behaviors + 3 internal enablers.

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Assessment Centre

Originally developed for military purposes, first by the German military and later by the U.S. office of strategic services in World War II, assessment centers are used to effectively evaluate the personality, aptitude, competency and skill level of employees with the objective of assessing their readiness for handling current or future positions in the context of the changing business needs. The process can be administered whilst making hiring decisions, promotion or career moves related decisions.

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The Executive Search

Terragni executive search delivers high potential leadership talent to the client organization. While doing so, it ensures that complementing competencies are built in the overall executive management team. Our retained executive search process combines scientific methods of assessment with innovative coaching processes and tools. With our extensive candidate reach, our robust assessment methodology, focus on on-boarding, candidate integration and candidate mentoring, we maintain a significantly high strike rate, both in talent acquisition as well as retention.

Nimble, responsive, domain experts, high standard of process compliance are known to be our unique strengths. With Terragni executive search, our focus is not merely hiring the right candidate for you, it is on delivering value.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a high impact and a very effective tool for leadership development. It plays a significant role in sharpening the skills and competency levels of a high performer within a very short time frame. Coaching has been proven to enhance the engagement level of high potential employees. Executive coaching is most often applied in areas related to leadership development, employee engagement, goal achievement, succession planning, career development and fine tuning the leadership/management style. Our executive coaching offering, is tailored to achieve measurable results through a team of experienced, industry veteran certified coaches. Our process is designed to understand the specific needs of the organization, its people and their individual approach to learning based on which an appropriate coaching methodology is proposed.

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