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The India EAS Index is here!
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Love Ease.

But just how easy is it for

customers in India?

After a successful first edition, the India Ease Index is back in the post-covid world. A neuro-science based study looking at which brands make it easy or difficult in India.

Effort is the friction that customers experience when engaging with a brand. Human brains are designed to feel friction as pain. It causes customers to give up on and turn away from the brand.

The best brands in the world work towards reducing friction and pain. In the world of effort less is more.

Edition 1 Recapped

The Brands

EAS_The Brands

The Takeaways

Brands must focus on seamless physical & digital integrations.
Customer Care- The most effortful engagement.
Waiting time is most effortful.
Customers are less forgiving in finance & healthcare.

What Does 2022 Hold?

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