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If It’s Easy,
Make It Seem So

How is your messaging
holding customers back?

Our EAS 2023 report uncovered that an overwhelming 65% of the respondents find messaging from brands confusing, unclear & often irrelevant.

Organizations spend a great deal of time and money on communication and outreach. Yet, often unknowingly, complicate the lives of customers and create unwarranted stress. Simply through how they communicate. The perception of effort plays a huge role in this.

We’re diving deeper into perceived friction to help Indian brands eliminate stress for customers.
Across Banking, Insurance, Retail and E-commerce.

EAS 2023 in the media

What is
Perceived Friction?

Perceived friction arises
from a lack of clarity

Our cognitive resources are limited. Simple tasks can seem complex, creating a perception of friction.

When interacting with brands, instructions can seem hard, messaging is complex, and there’s hassle to take the next step of the journey.

This can be due to an absence of explanatory support, information, time pressure, or unfamiliarity with the touchpoint. From perceptions, hard-wired habits, and beliefs. (20) (15)

What Can Brands
Do About It?

If you want a customer to do something, it should not only
be easy to do but it should
feel easy to do.

An increase in use of technology in the post-COVID world means that physical and temporal effort have reduced. But now there’s a rise in perceived friction. Especially in customer support, service and in selecting the right product.

A one-size-fits-all digital-centric customer journey with little focus on the customer’s contexts and fears contributes to the increase in perceived friction.

How Does Eliminating
Perceived Friction Help? (18)

Bonus: Happy customers!

The State of Perceived Friction
2023 will reveal (17)

Are you ready to make things easy?

(You don’t really have an option)

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