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Case Summary

Business Outcome
Boosting Customer Acquisition


Platform Used

Framework Used
Experiential Segmentation

group 261


One of India’s top 3 banks was facing low customer engagement in the premium banking segment.

The Behaviour Insights

Customers utilized only core banking products, benefits of premium program were unclear.

‘One size, fit all’ customer onboarding process only addressed immediate needs, did not talk about potential contextual needs that the premium program could address.

High friction in touchpoints and loyalty program.

What We Did

Extension of customer segmentation to incorporate Experiential Segments

Onboarding process redesigned & differentiated for each experiential segment.

Redesign of loyalty program processes to drive ease of usage & redemption

Central digital concierge to drive customer engagement beyond RM.

The Outcome

Increased in Wallet Share.

Increased Customer Acquisition through recommendation.

Increased Customer Retention.

Reduced Cost of Service.

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