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A Terragni Caselet

Driving Engagement for Financial Services

Business Outcome

Increasing Retention


Financial Services


Experiential Segmentation


One of the top 5 financial houses in India with 7 lac+ customers was facing dormant customers and high pressure on profitability.


Customers expect to be treated differentially based on the nature
their relationship with the brand

The experiences they seek are contextual.

High volume, high revenue customers (traders, corporates) willing to pay more for value which they got from competitors

2_Keep them close
3_Keep them close

What We Did

Experiential Segmentation of customers based on insights

Segment Specific Customer Engagement & Loyalty Strategy

Segment Specific Digital Platform Strategy

Segment Specific Unique Positioning
Service Recovery For Eliminating Effort

The Outcome

Reduction In Cost to Serve

Higher Wallet Share Reduced in customer dormancy

Improvement In Customer Experience Index

Improvement In NPS

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