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Case Summary

Business Outcome
Increasing Engagement


Platform Used

Tool Used
Journey Mapping (1)


One of the top 4 players in private life insurance were facing inconsistency in premium renewals with Tier II and Tier III rurban customers.

The Insights

Concepts (Life Insurance) to specifics (“My policy”) value perception gap – “What does this policy really mean for me, my family & my life goals”

High perceived and cognitive friction in the digital renewal transaction touchpoint.

What We Did

Behaviour shift design bridging concept to specifics value perception gap.

Eliminating friction in premium payment
 in digital channels.

Behavioural Communication & Messaging Design to address Perceived friction.

Behavioural Journey Design to eliminate
cognitive friction.

Process Blueprinting for implementation
of the journeys.

The Outcome

Increased Persistency.

Reduced Cost of Service.

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