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A Terragni Caselet

Creating a Culture of Customer Centricity

Business Outcome

Increase in Revenue


Paint & Coatings

DeSludge, Customer Centricity

Process Redesign


Global leader in the consumer paints and coatings industry with 33,000+ employees was looking to drive cohesive customer centric cross functional teams.


Lack of alignment between customer facing and support teams to a common customer context

Organization wide ineffective communication of customer goals

Insufficient data from a functional
and experiential context and
insufficient forums for customer
information dissemination and exchange (5) (6)

What We Did

Customer Centricity Assessment

Facilitation of live business projects via action workshops based on the customer centric culture framework

Nudges enabling shift to customer centric behaviours, decisions and actions

Coaching to embed customer centricity, with focus on customer value
aligned business success

The Outcome

First time right product launch

Improved receivables within 4 months

Product revenue increased 2X

Complaint redressal time down by half

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