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About Terragni Consulting

Being happy is a core human need.

Your customers and your employees deserve all the happiness you can deliver to them.

Happy humans tend to be more engaged, are great brand ambassadors, more forgiving overall and tend to contribute more.

This simple truth is what created Terragni Consulting and has propelled us in the decade that we have been in business as a strategic solution organization.

We like to be known as “The Human Engagement Company”

Headquartered in India, in the vibrant and scholarly city of Pune, we solve and implement some of the most complex human engagement strategic challenges that organizations face.

Just as in our name, “Terra -Latin for Earth and “Agni”-Sanskrit for Fire, our solutions are creative, inter-disciplinary, connecting seemingly disparate dots and detailed.

Our implementation is grounded, rigorous, in touch with reality, and connected to hard-nosed business outcomes.

The more complex the challenge, the more we like to get our hands on it.

(After adding $ 35 Million to fresh revenue or shaving off $10 Million off costs, our customers too tend to agree !) 

Look forward to talking to you, 

after all ;

Everybody deserves to be happy!

Customers and employees are a company’s key assets. When they are engaged, they can lead to dynamic growth. Terragni Consulting solves complex human engagement challenges that impact real business outcomes.

We are strategy designers who use behavioural science as a source of inspiration.

We see behavioural science as a set of frameworks and techniques that can be applied to all kinds of business challenges: improving products, services, marketing, designing better HR and policies, or shaping reputation or public support. 

For us, it’s about understanding how unconscious forces shape people’s decisions. We apply this insight to attracting customers, retaining employees, and selling and redesigning products or services.

Just as in our name, “Terra”-Latin for Earth and “Agni”-Sanskrit for Fire, our solutions are creative, inter-disciplinary, connecting seemingly disparate dots and details.

Science is an excellent source of inspiration, but you need creative methods, such as Sensemaking and Design Thinking to turn science into truly impactful interventions that make a difference.

We are passionate about creating exceptional employee and customer experience for our client organizations. In doing so, we partner with our clients in building a sustained competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Our globally acclaimed award-winning solutions and models are proof of the rigour and discipline with which we approach our work.

Buyer Brain, a Terragni sister company, is London Headquartered and a consumer and customer insights company that uses cutting edge neuroscience to delve deep into customer’s emotions. Visit Website

We help you create a customer-obsessed culture.
Our partner, MarketCulture makes it easy to measure, understand and act on employee feedback to create better customer experiences. Visit Website

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