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Customer Engagement

Terragni’s Customer Engagement practice focuses on solving market and customer challenges:

Designing Behaviours, Habits and Motivations that enhance Customer Engagement.

Solving Business challenges that enhance growth by enhancing Customer Engagement and redefining existing behaviours.

Assessing and eliminating Customer Friction, using Terragni’s unique Neuroscience based platforms.

People Engagement

Terragni’s People Engagement practice focuses on solving employee challenges:

Identifying the talent gap in your organization, matching it to corporate and customer demands.

Identifying, recruiting and onboarding the right talent in key executive positions.

Coaching and nurturing initiatives for existing talent.

Eliminating employee Friction and enriching employee engagement.


Terragni deploys a unique combination of neuroscience, data science, and behaviour science to solve complex challenges. Our globally awarded frameworks and industry-proven models are used by organizations across insurance, banking, lending institutions, healthcare, retail, auto, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

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