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Slowed Down By Sludge?

When processes are sludgy, they can make it difficult for an organisation to do even the basics right.

Sludge slows your team down and prevents them from driving the results that you need them to create. It costs you time and money.

Leaders #DeSludge:

Some of the world’s best organizations like Lenovo, Axis, and Renault have partnered with Terragni to cut down on their Sludge.

Eliminate the Friction that is holding you back with Terragni Consulting’s Behaviour Science based #DeSludge solution.

  • Our award-winning EAS Friction model gathers contextual insights about your processes and teams and how they link to team behavior and business outcomes.
  • We identify the friction and the organizational sludge that is the root cause
  • Understand the goals and functional expectation of your teams
  • We redesign processes, touchpoints and behaviors to eliminate perceived and transactional friction towards being truly Customer-Centric

How has #DeSludge helped our customers? Watch them talk about it:

How to get started?

Take a Sludge Audit

Find out where the sludge is, how it’s slowing you down and how much it’s costing you.