EAS Report 2023 Summary

Simplicity should be the key 2023-24 Mantra. 3Cs of simplicity Journeys, physical or digital need to be designed for Clarity, Consistency and Cohesiveness. The need for multiple iterations and attempts is a strong symptom of complexity. Eliminate cognitive stress by incorporating high visibility of outcomes for the customers. Design For Failure Accept your journeys will fail. A well-designed Service Recovery that focuses on assurance and stress transference is a key opportunity for driving ease and differentiation. Build hybrid journeys Interactions with sales/service representatives need to balance the one-size-fit all apathy of digital journeys with empathy, assurance & stress transference, thus reducing the cognitive stress for the customer. Contextualize THEN Personalize Organizations have invested significant resources in personalizing journeys & communications. Customers do not however see this as simplifying their decision journeys, consumption journeys or support experiences. In most cases contextualization works better than personalization. What To Focus On 3/4