The cheese & chalk story!

Reporting different from analysis/analytics ?
They are different alright.
It is essential to understand that “reporting” is an end result, a destination while “analysis is a process, a journey.
More often than not, reporting therefore is a “representation” of the findings an analytical process.
A simple problem solving process flow is illustrated below. Notice that the 2 key steps which lead to an optimum solution are of “analysis of available information”



The outcome of such an analysis is typically a “report”; a graphical representation of the outcomes of the information analysis towards root cause & possible solution.

Let’s apply this  scenario to  that of a dissatisfied customer, a  customer who is seriously miffed as a committed delivery has not been made on schedule.



While reports would be used to represent the outcome of all the analysis that goes into retrieving an “unhappy customer” situation, a true customer centric organization would take the above process a step further in the following ways:
1. Use the RCA to identify ALL other similar deliveries which could potentially get delayed.
2. Run a customer profile based analysis to see if differentiated delivery experience can be provided to their customers.
While it is useful to dwell on how we want our reports to look, it is more important to define first as to what analytical process will result in those reports & what further analyses will use these reports as inputs!  Cannot substitute the chalk for the cheese!

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