Terragni’s  People Engagement practice has a unique consulting model towards addressing organizational people challenges.

The Terragni People Performance Model aims to deliver solutions towards enhancing the competitive edge of your people assets.

Our offerings are centered on defining, enhancing and fine tuning the HR processes that lead to people engagement and productivity. Our consulting initiatives understand and define expectations from people roles within the organization and ensure that these are geared towards achieving the short term and long term objectives of the organization.

Together with our Executive Search and Leadership Development practices, we are uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end, result oriented people solutions to our customers. With years of being corporate practitioners, our team has walked in your shoes. We know the challenges of implementing high-level, consultant-driven strategic initiatives. So we ensure that we bring in an ‘implement-ability’ focus to all that we do. We employ rigorous research, robust proven methodologies and decades of practical experience to deliver outcomes that our client organizations desire. Our processes and methodologies are continually updated to ensure relevance with the realities of dynamic and changing industry environments and challenges.

Today’s companies are ‘People Companies’. Organizations, whether in growth or in a slowdown mode, challenge their executives in newer ways. The gap between what the environment requires and what executives can deliver is sometimes large. Companies today require tailor made development plans, to cater specially to their leadership/ high potential talent. At the same time, smart organizations are investing in strengthening their backbone– their middle management talent. Terragni Executive Development Practice aims at supporting client organizations with specific interventions to address each of these different and special needs.

Executive Coaching is a high impact and a very effective tool for leadership development. It plays a significant role in sharpening the skills and competency levels of a high performer within a very short time frame. Coaching has been proven to enhance the engagement level of high potential employees. Executive coaching is most often applied in areas related to leadership development, employee engagement, goal achievement, succession planning, career development and fine tuning the leadership/management style. Our Executive Coaching offering, is tailored to achieve measurable results through a team of experienced, industry veteran certified coaches. Our process is designed to understand the specific needs of the organization, its people and their individual approach to learning based on which an appropriate coaching methodology is proposed.

Originally developed for military purposes, first by the German military and later by the U.S. Office of Strategic Services in World War II, assessment centres are used to effectively evaluate the personality, aptitude, competency and skill level of employees with the objective of assessing their readiness for handling current or future positions in context of the changing business needs. The process can be administered whilst making hiring decisions, promotion or career moves related decisions.