Search and On board key leadership and management talent

Case Organization Profile

  • Tier 1 German multinational, manufacturing safety products for automotive OEMs
  • Parent brand a recognized market leader across diverse product segments. Acquired brand, a family owned highly profitable, high market share organization
  • Retiring MD replaced by a young, non-industry leader from amongst the group companies
  • Leadership team – associated with the organization for over twenty years
  • Multi plant, multi-location operation with direct sales and  after market  operations
  • Technology partner changed ownership multiple times and was eventually bought by the current parent



  • MNC parent wanted to align the Indian company with its culture
  • Key leadership positions were identified to be filled from outside
  • Key mid-level positions were identified to build succession pipeline, talent was to be sourced from the market
  • Potential candidates must possess experience of working with MNCs


Mandate to Terragni

  • Search and appoint 6 Senior and 18 mid-management positions within a timeframe of two months.
  • Senior mandates included specialist roles like ‘Rubber technologist” as well as generic positions like Purchase Head, Plant Head, Sales Head, Finance Head and HR Head
  • Mid-level mandates covered all functions from quality, production, maintenance, logistics, purchase, stores, design, finance and sales


Insights – strengths

  • Strong brand
  • Stated policy of providing internal growth opportunities across divisions and geographies
  • Established presence in India
  • Technology focused
  • Despite being a Tier 1, commanded premium and high respect  from OEMs

Above factors created strong candidate pull from target companies


Insights – opportunities

  • Compensations were 30% lower than industry standards across all levels
  • New positions were created alongside existing ones by reducing the breadth of the role
  • All positions required candidates with high maturity, patience, ability to implement or support change
  • The Hiring Managers were based in varied geographic locations
  • Few plant locations were tough to attract talent

The above factors led to designing appropriate assessment and selection criteria and application of coaching models during assessments



  • 6 senior and 14 mid-level positions filled within the defined time frame (4 mid-level were cancelled by client)
  • Selection of Rubber Technologist from direct competitor was managed most sensitively and confidentially including relocation (Selected Candidate and his family had never lived anywhere other than Madurai all their lives)
  • Three years hence, 90% of the candidates hired continue to work with the company and perform successfully despite the organization undergoing a split and part sale to a PE
  • Need to execute replacement guarantees did not arise