Improving quality of Leadership through Executive Coaching

Case Organization Profile

  • Strong MNC Brand
  • Amongst the leaders in mining and construction equipment
  • The division has team members from parent company  as well as businesses acquired over time
  • Leadership team has largely grown from within
  • It is a Sales, Service and After Market organization. Manufacturing is a separate entity



  • Organization was undergoing multiple structural changes
  • Succession plan about to be implemented
  • New business structure required more number of leaders, preferably from within
  • Organization wanted to traverse the path of having an internal coaching culture
  • Leadership team had a mix of very experienced and young leaders


Mandate to Terragni

  • Work with the leadership team to improve
  • Inter-function collaboration
  • People development and people management ability
  • Resilience to change


Insights – strengths

  • Committed leadership team
  • Willing to adopt new approaches of people development
  • “Lead by example” was the leadership style of majority
  • Proven ability to drive change was available within this team

The above factors were seen as strong change drivers and the leadership team as change agents


Insights – opportunities

  • Influencing others to change without having the authority over them was a challenge faced by the participants
  • Being trapped in between global structures and local structures, a feeling of not being able to act
  • Majority of participants were inclined to take a flexible approach and few who were strong on following the rules

The above factors led to design of the focus groups



  • WAS Region Leaders became part of quarterly reviews
  • Improved inter departmental communication replaced lack of trust
  • Cross functional projects identified , teams formed, action plans with accountabilities, timelines, implementation and review process  defined
  • The largest department went through job descriptions with all employees and clarified roles and responsibilities
  • Finance Controller,  the youngest and a first time manager, by the end of the year , exhibited phenomenal improvement in her people management skills