Development Insights for senior and middle management

Case Organization Profile

  • Automotive TIER 1, family owned, Indian MNC
  • Since last three years -a global player through acquisition of an equal size MNC
  • Amongst the fastest growing companies in own industry
  • Aggressive 2020 vision
  • People and Processes yet to align with the existing and future pace of growth



  • The 2020 vision is well communicated across the organization
  • Backbone of the company is their 120 middle-senior managers, spread across divisions and geographic locations
  • Part of this team are old timers associated since early years, a large number have come on board in recent times — the two are yet to assimilate
  • The competency framework has been developed and implemented for all roles and levels in the Group


Mandate to Terragni

  • Identify development needs of each of the mid- senior manager
  • Identify Successors for the critical positions
  • Identify high potential talent in specialist and management roles


Insights – strengths

  • Pride of working with the company
  • Loyalty towards the owner
  • Buy in towards the 2020 vision
  • 6 potential DyGMs & GMs identified as successors

Above factors were seen as strong engagement drivers


Insights – opportunities

  • Higher comfort to work within own boundaries rather than across boundaries
  • Functional Goals take precedence over organization goals
  • Managing the unknown was not a comfort zone
  • Skills of feedback and constructive confrontation needed development

The above factors led to design of the development plans



  • Executive Coaching considered as a tool for development of the identified successors and Hi- Pots
  • Group training offered with customer specific content for improving three key competencies. Working with ambiguity was added to this based on insights received.

Leadership KPIs were reworked to align the organization and individual goals