Customer experience as the competitive edge

Case organization profile

  • Indian multinational
  • One of the largest providers of  control instrumentation & steam engineering solutions
  • Product centric organization
  • Direct as well as channel based sales organization



  • Premium brand perception
  • Global lineage but seen as a “new entrant”
  • Late entrant into the market, but has redefined it on the basis of superior product design & finish
  • Immediate competition is a much stronger player with many years of experience in the market


Mandate to Terragni – the outside – in perspective

To Uncover

  • The customers’ attitudes towards & beliefs they hold about the case organization
  • The experiences that have led to the formation of these beliefs & attitude
  • The changes that need to be brought about for insulating market share against larger competition


Customer insights – strengths

  • Functionally excellent products
  • Global product expertise
  • Powerful referencibility
  • Excellent customer relationships

Above factors provided end-customers a sense of performance assurance & therefore were strong engagement drivers


Customer insights – opportunities

Customers see current engagement approach to be “product sales” driven. Instead they seek a “solution” driven approach that leverages the case organization’s superior end-to-end expertise in waste  heat boiler systems  for customer specific environment & application

The above resulted in a expectations – delivery gap

Since the boiler systems use non-conventional fuels, the viability of the project is dependent on the availability of fuels.

Customers prefer that the responsibility of fuel availability assessment is taken up by those who have expertise in the boiler design



  • Service offerings recommended in the areas of :
  • Alternate fuels evaluation & sourcing
  • Increasing combustion efficiency
  • Optimising steam utilisation with respect to process demand
  • Proactive boiler maintenance & management services



“Customer experience management” team with a mandate of overseeing, coordinating & spearheading delivery of relevant & differentiated customer experience was formed

Action teams were formed around each of identified action areas with a time bound execution plan

Case organization achieved a 5% increase in repeat business from existing customers within a span of 6 months as a direct result of customer experience initiatives