It’s one thing to start on the road to customer centricity and design customer experiences that keep them coming back for more. To make sure you continue to stay on the path we help audit your processes and performance regularly.

Channel Cx

Customer Experience Audit

Touch-Point Audit

Competitor Benchmarking

Organisation Customer Centricity Audit

Specific Cx Initiative Audit



For consistently good customer experience delivery the organisation needs to have a shared understanding and vision, enabling systems and processes and a motivated team

We believe that the sustainable way to do this is build in-house skills and competence. We help you do just this through our workshops.

Tailoring of the content for some of the workshops would necessitate prior research


Understanding Cx

Making Cx work

Building the business case for Cx

Cx for the Boundary Spanner

Creating the Cx dashboard

Auditing Cx

We messed up. Now what?

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