Making predictions at the end of a year is a rum thing ! Usually one ends up looking pretty sheepish at the end of the next one! Uncertainty in the markets does that to the best of us.

As clichés go, this one must surely rank somewhere at the very top- ‘Nothing succeeds like success’, but what if your success laid the seeds of a failure?

Take Honda Motors India and the car known as the “Jazz” .

Reporting different from analysis/analytics ?
They are different alright.
It is essential to understand that “reporting” is an end result, a destination while “analysis” is a process, a journey.
More often than not, reporting therefore is a “representation” of the findings an analytical process.
A simple problem solving process flow is illustrated below. Notice that the 2 key steps which lead to an optimum solution are of “analysis of available information”

I had an interesting moment recently. While discussing restaurants with a chain owner, I said ‘let’s discuss Sensory Design of your outlets’.

In return, was met with a look which said, “ok, smart alec, what in hell is that, I already have an interior designer who is doing the design, so why discuss this now?’

“It’s not your product or your price that impresses me most at the end of the day. It is your intention that counts. If your intention is to help me save time, money and effort & solve my problem in the process of using you and not just increase your profitability then let this reflect in all that you do – especially in your interactions with me.

So we recently purchased a couple of high end IBM servers for ourselves ( all the data crunching and Analytics needs some serious computing). The servers came all well packed and ready to be installed.

That Indian consumers are a growing breed is now known. That India has a severe shortage of trained, knowledgeable staff to serve this growing set of consumers is also now being widely recognized.

As I sank into the plush, comfortable couch I surveyed the scene with a sense of unrealism. Potted plants, huge plasma screen televisions playing the latest movie, the aroma of coffee and fresh baked bread, a choice of newspapers within hands reach, muted conversations. I was waiting for an appointment at the swank Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in suburban Mumbai.

I forget, as to who was the Hollywood mogul who once said,” Sincerity is the key, baby, if you can fake that , you have it made !”

We are already doing customer satisfaction studies, so why do we need a customer experience study?”

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