2011, 2012 AND Predictions!

Making predictions at the end of a year is a rum thing ! Usually one ends up looking pretty sheepish at the end of the next one! Uncertainty in the markets does that to the best of us.

But then what is a little uncertainty for marketers! CMOs will face multiple challenges in the year ahead, but a few are worth looking at closely, here my top 5 picks!

Challenges in Fives:
# 1 Searching and defining niches, sub niches to dominate
Because in uncertain economic times, it takes a brave heart and one with a fairly large war chest to go try and dominate entire markets.
Those days are history. Look at Audi, they have got this down to a science.
#2  The search for meaningful differentiators. Ones that clearly demonstrate value
Hype and smart copy alone will be a tough sell. Consumers need to know why they need to come to you and why should they keep coming back.  They need a superior experience from each of your key touch points, the question is how will you deliver on this?
#3 Team Quality
There is a real war for talent out there and good marketers are increasingly hard to come by. Ideation can take you that far and no more, where is the quality team for the CMO to execute?
Ring fence your team.
#4  Digital Marketing spend
The proverbial whipping boy of most bean counters.  From whence will the ROI come? This is a question that CMOs are going to be asked ad infintum.
Look suitably blank, nobody has an answer yet !
#5  Integrating Technology
CMOs will be required and many will struggle to integrate technology into valid marketing programs.
Straightforward ones like Analytics and then some creative ones like integrating your Loyalty program with Facebook come to mind.

Happy 2012, should be interesting !

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